This page is here to highlight a book or a trick or a DVD (or possibly all three) which we think is particularly good each month…

in the beginning there were coins

If your skill with Cards gets you something of a reputation as a magician, it is important to make sure you can meet that demand to ‘show us a trick.’ We nearly always have coins on us, and so being able to master the basics of coin magic will stand you in good stead to perform impromptu. There is also something constantly appealing about tricks with money. This DVD covers all the basics and comes highly recommended. £19.99

amazing miracles

This is quite simply the BEST book on Magic I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It has been out of print for ages so I am delighted it is back in stock again. Takagi provides some of the most beautiful magic you will ever see – there is loads here with silks, ropes, cards, etc. etc. His totally unique handling of the Wild Card routine is wonderful and there is loads of other very commercial effective magic. Brilliant! £29.99


bigger finish

Jay Sankey is a really creative guy who comes up with some novel concepts in magic. In this one 4 cards melt into one jumbo card matching the spectator’s earlier choice. And it all happens in the spectator’s hand. £13.99.

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