Neat and Tidy - Rubber Bands - By Wayne Fox I love tricks with Rubber Bands, because they are such an everyday item. You still have to go a long way to beat the original ‘Crazy-Man’s Handcuffs’ routine. But this new idea from Wayne Fox seems like the ‘logical’ climax to a rubber band act – great cisual magic as a pile of rubber bands visually turn into a rubber band ball. £24.99
No Card Tricks  - Jay Sankey Continuing the theme of non-card magic, here is a DVD from Jay Sankey which is on SPECIAL at the moment – reduced from £19.99 to only £7.05! Full of magic with coins and matches etc. Well worth a look.
Pocket Space - by Tony Miller I think I’ve said before that I’m fascinated with the Any Card at Any Number plot. This is a different take on that idea which eliminates all the dealing out of cards and takes up almost no space in your pocket as the ‘deck’ is printed on a business card in your pocket. (there’s a very positive review on TM) £17.99.
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