Monte 3.0

I haven’t tried this yet, but I was so pleased with the Gordon Bean effect I was playing with last month that I thought this would probably be worth a look. Especially because it is currently reduced! Its a pretty much sleight-free and examinable 3 card monte type effect. £8.21 (reduced from £11.99)
Smoke and Mirrors book - John Bannon I’m currently working through another of Bannon’s books and love his style and creativity. Some of the effects require a certain proficiency with cards, but you will find lots to use and to stimulate other ideas in his work. Should be in everyone’s library. £29.99
update – now only £24.99 at Alakazam.
1 Deck 14 Tricks 24 Hours - Vol 1 - - Matthew J. Dowden DVD For those of you who are newer to magic (though I have heard more experienced magicians speaking very highly of these), and/or who prefer learning via DVDs, this is a cheap DVD teaching some excellent and straightforward effects. The workings are simple so you can concentrate on the presentation. And you will learn a lot about that from watching Mr Dowden. Well worth a look. A second volume is also available. Only £14.99.
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