Phil Plus So this one’s been around for quite some time now, but just recently I have seen a couple of people perform it at my local magic club, and I think it is strong magic. An appealing plot and clever prediction. And easy to do. Only £12.99
The Omega Mutation - By Cameron Francis DVD We always like the BigBlindMedia DVDs – strong magic and taught in an amusing manner. This is a massive 3 disc set – 27 strong effects – mainly cards. Recommended. And currently reduced from £49.99 to only £35.25
Apocalypse Vol 1 - Years 1 - 5 I haven’t plugged an all time classic book for a while, so I thought this was the moment. This is a beautifully produced book containing strong magic from all the greats. And look at the scope – 720 jam-packed pages, over 250 card effects, over 140 coin effects, 145 other items, plus articles and editorials and a big index to help you find things! Only £49.99.
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