Since the release date is Monday (26th) and we were fortunate enough to have one of the earliest decks in this country I thought it was about time we posted a few pics and thoughts – before we lose our advantage!

Now the pics on BBM’s site are pretty good, so I have tried to create a slightly more unusual montage.

Bicycle Karnival Assasins

What do we think? Well I actually like this design best of all the Karnival range. Somehow the suit makes the skeleton much more respectable! I also really like the Jokers. I think it is the way the gothic and the mobster come together that appeals to me.

The cards are ‘standard’ Bicycle quality – so they handle well, but are not quite up to the premium stock of some other USPCC ranges. Like the previous Karnivals, the back design incorporates a subtle one-way design – which I think is an under-utilised principle in magic.

The extra cards (a double backer and a prediction/advertising card) are useful, and I love the reveal on one of the jokers (a 3D in his hat band). There’s also a barcode reveal on the pack.

For me, they’re the best of the Karnivals – but they won’t appeal to everyone’s taste. As ever, the timing for Halloween is a bit tight – especially given the current Royal Mail situation. But for a certain type of routine they will fit in any time of year. Order yours here.

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