Although USPCC started producing the new boxes in the summer, it has inevitably taken a while for the new look boxes to come over here. Apparently Murphy’s Magic in the US bought up all the old style stock from USPCC.

The new boxes look like this:
New Bicycle Card Box

Some magicians are worried that this will mean problems when switching in gaffed card boxes (such as Alakazam’s Extractor). However, it seems unlikely that most lay-people will notice the difference – especially if there is some time delay. Most ‘normal’ people aren’t particularly interested in card boxes!

As a bit of a card Geek, I don’t like all the words on the new design so much – and the card design on the back of the case is the basis of some clever bits of magic. But I suppose it would be possible to stick a card on the back of the case. Various people also supply old-style tuck cases – so you could just use one of them while they are still available.

If you purchase new-boxed cards in the UK, do let us know where you got them from.

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