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WOW 2 We very rarely promote pre-orders on this site since we prefer to know things work before we push them, but we’re making a noble exception here. Masuda’s original WOW trick was an instant success – incredible visual magic. We are certain WOW 2 will be the same – and will sell out very quickly – hence the pre-order. Click through for the full details, but essentially a chosen and signed card will visibly rise through a face down deck and appear on the top. What an ending to an Ambitious Card routine. Pre-order now for £28.99

Cellini the Royal Touch

This is a legendary book from a legendary performer. If you can make a living from magic on the street then you know what you are talking about. Here are Cellini’s famous routines all explained in great detail and a wealth of tips and advice too. £59.99

Unusual Suspect - Matthew Wright
If you prefer to learn your magic on DVD then this one comes highly recommended, by no less than Jeff McBride! Here are 6 carefully structured routines – lessons in magic and very entertaining too. Mainly card magic with a little coin work too. £19.99

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