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Miracle Signed Card In Envelope (Gimmick and DVD) by Roger Curzon - have just started releasing some powerful magic from one of the UK’s unsung magical heroes – Roger Curzon. This is his approach to the Signed Card in Envelope plot. There’s a sleight of hand and a sleight-free version and all the necessary gimmicks are included. There are also some extra routines on the DVD. A great hit at Blackpool this year, you get some great magic here for £20. (If you want to explore more of Roger’s magic, you will enjoy his first DVD Blood on the Tricks for only £19.99.)

CrossRoads Double Faced set in USPCC stock (with instructions) by Ben Harris - Trick

We enjoyed Ben Harris’ clever Crossroads effect – and not just because we’re slightly obsessed with the thought of card in impossible location effect, and USPCC have recently produced this great Crossroads Double Faced Set of cards to make this effect even more slick. The set comes with detailed extra instructions with further ideas (though you will need the original Crossroads effect to fully understand this). £11.50 (or you can get the ‘Peek‘ edition for £7.99)

The Vanishing (Gimmick and DVD)by Jon Allen - Trick

Here’s one of the most interesting twists on a card trick that we’ve seen in a while. To an intriguing story about Houdini, pictures of handcuffs open and Houdini disappears in The Vanishing. Another great original idea from Jon Allen. Only £15.50

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