These are the latest in the growing line of Karnival Cards from Big Blind Media – but was the Dose right?

We’ll start with the box. I have a lovely broody photo of this, but until I can sort out some technical problems, we’re going to have to do with a stock shot – sorry… Update! Here’s my broody photo!

Karnival Dose Box

It screams out ‘this is something unusual’. Or possibly ‘macabre’ if you’re that way inclined. And at the same time it whispers (via a barcode) ‘Jack of Clubs’…

When I opened the box the first thing I saw was the joker – which is the best Karnival joker I’ve seen yet. As long as you like skulls. And you do, right? One of the jokers has an Ace of Hearts reveal on it – tastefully sticking out of a crack in the skull.

Karnival Dose Jokers

Extra cards include a slightly eery prediction card and a double-backer. Have you spotted the ‘subtle’ one way feature on the back design?

Karnival Dose Reveal

Every single card has been individually designed. There are skeletons and skulls and writing, and it has all been weathered or aged. Shades of Da Vinci but somehow less wholesome.

Karnival Dose Spread

The Aces and the court cards are particularly cool…

Karnival Dose Aces

What about the handling?

Like the Dead Eyes I find that the cards feel just a little bit thinner than standard Bikes. I don’t know if this is a deliberate a USPCC thing (economy measure?) and weather newer Bikes will go the same way. But they still fan and handle well. There’s still a reasonable ‘flex’ so I am struggling to think of a sleight where this will be a problem.

The bottom line is, this will be a great one for the collectors, would look good in all sorts of slightly ‘darker’ presentations, or could be mixed in with other Bicycle Cards to add extra impact.

Available to pre-order now, and you’ll receive them before my birthday 🙂

Visit BBM’s Karnival Dose page for ordering info, or try your local dealer.

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