Wimbledon almost over, so it must be time for some more recommendations from Bicycle-Cards.co.uk

Try The Impossible BookWe have a growing library of magic books at Bicycle-Cards.co.uk headquarters, and Try the Impossible is one of our latest additions. Full to the brim of interesting card magic, from the self-working to the rather more involved. And perhaps most pleasingly it includes one of the effects that recently fooled Penn & Teller. A great book and only £25.95.
Rewind (Gimmick, DVD, FACE card, BLUE back) by Mickael Chatelain - Trick

The Torn and Restored Card is a classic of close up card magic. There are some fiendishly difficult methods out there, but Mickael Chatelain’s latest take – Rewind – promises to be within the reach of most magicians and is certainly visually very impressive. It’s a lot for a single trick – but watch the video and see what you think… £62.00

Bicycle Stickman Deck

We’re back to our bread and butter here with a new and unusual Bicycle Deck. We’ve just received one of these and will do a longer review as soon as time permits. But for now, check out the new Bicycle Stickman Deck. £5.49.

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