I have to be honest, when I first saw these advertised, I didn’t think I’d like them… But I have been very pleasantly surprised. Here’s a look at the box:
Bicycle Stickman Deck
On a random note, the seal broke more cleanly/easily than any other Bicycle deck I have ever opened. I don’t know if that was a one off or if USPCC have changed something, but it was a good start!

The USP here is the idea of a little animation in the top right corner of the deck. Each card has a different ‘frame’ of a sword fight between 2 stickmen. So when you riffle the deck (see end of review) you get a groovy animation.
Bicycle Stickman Spread
The cards handle beautifully, and the distinctly non-bicycle back design gives an amazing almost irridecent effect when it is spread out – very nice.
Bicycle Stickman Court Cards
They have completely re-imagined the jokers and court cards in a slightly abstract style. An extra card is supplied which shows all the frames of the animation.
Bicycle Stickman Jokers
Bicycle Stickman Back
And here’s the animation itself… (apologies for the focus)

I think this is a really fun deck. I enjoy the fact that it is less gothic and ‘dark’ than many of the newest designs we’ve looked at recently. The animation is a nice novelty, and I’m sure some creative magician will work it into a routine before too long. Available now at MagicNevin for £5.49.

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