The latest offering from Cameron Francis and the BBM crew is a DVD with two main effects. We’ll take a look at them in turn.

The Inside Job is a really neat little trick. Here’s the effect…

A spectator selects a card for you and one for themselves, which they sign. The cards are lost in the deck and an apparently unrelated card is found. This is clearly placed into the card box, and after a moment it transforms into the performer’s card. A moment later the performer’s card appears in his pocket, and the one isolated in the card box transforms into the spectator’s signed card. The card box can clearly be shown empty.

There’s a lot to like about this. First of all it is all very visual and a lot of magic takes place with relatively little work on your part. A clever gimmick is supplied to do most of the work for you – and we love it because the gimmick is “visibly invisible” and can stay in the card case without interfering with any other effects.

Another plus for the table-hopper – it is close to instant reset. There’s even a simpler/shorter routine supplied if time is short or if you think all the changes are too complicated for your audience once they have had several drinks!

This is a clever moving hole routine where the hole jumps from an extra card to the spectator’s chosen card and back again.

Compared to The Inside Job this is a slightly more ‘movey’ routine. However it would not qualify as difficult. In addition to the original extremely visual routine, an alternative move is detailed which creates a less visual effect. This is a very clean effect and ends examinable.

The Extras
2 bonus routines are included on the disc which are worth a mention.

Holey CTE
This is a signed card to envelope effect. In our opinion this is not one of Cameron’s finest creations. In fact it feels a bit like a gimmick still looking for an effect. I suppose you could use this as a different sort of an ending to an Ambitious Card Routine. But I’m not sure why you’d want to. In its favour we can say that it is easy to do. Not raving about this one.

The worst part of this is the title – which you should be able to read a bit like ‘torn’. But don’t let that put you off because this is an excellent bonus – in fact in our opinion worthy of being a main effect. It is an extremely clean torn and restored card with a kicker finish where the signed restored card turns into a spectator’s chosen, signed card.

There is one move required which I would class as intermediate – but it is worth learning it because it is a very useful move. And then you have a very powerful effect in your hands. We like this a lot!

Final Words
I actually also really like the fact this came in a small card board tuck case rather than a normal plastic DVD case. It saves space and probably in some way the planet. It comes complete with gaffs, and the obligatory extra BBM trailers.

Well worth a look at only £14.99 + p&p. Direct from BBM.

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