Bicycle Grimoire Deck

October is with us and so are some new recommendations from With Halloween just around the corner, check out MagicNevin‘s great range of Halloween accessories.

The Grimoire Deck will fit in perfectly to your spooky effects. Skeletons and gothic imagery abound and the deck includes a few useful extra gaff cards. £6.64 at FreepostMagic.

Woodyland (4 DVD Set) by Woody Aragon and Luis De Matos

If you want to get your teeth into a whole heap of great card magic then look no further than Woodyland. Woody Aragon is an award winning Spanish magician and this 4 DVD set includes all kinds of magic from the self-working to the more technically demanding. Over 10 hours of great stuff. £122.99

Boom by Mick Valenti - Trick

This is possibly the craziest card reveal we’ve seen for a long time. You try to find the spectator’s card whilst a stick of dynamite is burning down! The spectator gets a shock and the card ends up inside the dynamite. Bonkers. But great fun. £32.99 [£28.99 at Freepostmagic]

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