The Cooler (DVD and Gimmick) by Christian Engblom - DVD
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If you like card magic the chances are you have probably hit the point where you would find it useful to switch a deck in or out of play – but have you ever found a decent method? Christian Engblom has come up with something very clever in the Cooler to do just that. A clever gimmick plus a bit of practise… £41.50

Whilst we’re on the subject of accessories rather than effects or books etc. you may be interested in this clever item. I have come across a lot of effects recently with rough and smooth decks of various kinds. In the past these were a messy and fiddly business to prepare, but Harry Robson’s Roughing Stick promises to change that. Just rub the back of the card with the stick and you are good to go. £14.50

Fan-Tastic Message by Vincenzo Di Fatta - Tricks
And now for something completely different. A really visual card revelation – on the side of an electric fan. What a great idea – and can be used for all sorts of other revelations too… £9.50

Although we usually stop at 3 items, here are two quick plugs for books which are well worth a look. Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen is a first class book with all kinds of magic from the innovative mind of Jon Allen. It is now available in paperback and in our opinion you should snap it up! A great read. £27.99 And if you are in to using a marked deck, you must have come across the name of Boris Wild. He has just released a new book all about using a marked deck which should definitely be on your list. £34.50.
Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen (SOFT COVER) by John Lovick and Vanishing Inc.Transparency, The Boris Wild Marked Deck Book by Boris Wild - Book

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