Alphawave is a great little card-based magic effect which may have passed you by, because not many UK magic dealers seem to be stocking CardShark‘s range yet.   So here’s a review to bring it to your attention….

As you might have guessed from the name, the trick is a Brainwave type effect with an alphabet deck.  You can predict pretty much any word in advance and the cards will be the only ones with an opposite coloured back design to the rest of the pack.  Here it is in action…

It doesn’t work like a traditional Brainwave Deck but is very easy to do.  And if presented properly really packs a punch.  But there’s the rub…  If it’s presented properly.

This is one of those effects where the magic can almost happen too quickly.  The trick ends and the spectators are surprised but there is little emotional involvement.  But it doesn’t have to be like this.  And with a little bit of thought in the presentation and routining it can become a very powerful effect indeed.  Because the letter cards are used, you can ‘predict’ almost anything, so there is plenty of scope for using this in different contexts.

Martin Hunt (who runs MA Pro Magic who kindly provided the review copy of this effect) has a really strong presentation which works in ideas of precognition.  If you ask him nicely he may well provide you with details – and it is well worth a look!

I like words, I like cards, and I like predictions.  So you can tell this was going to be a winner for me.  The working is easy so you can concentrate on the presentation.  But concentrate you must because otherwise it could easily become a puzzle rather than a mystery.

£22 from MA Pro Magic

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