This is the second custom deck we have looked at from RSVP Magic and like the Timeless Deck it is a thing of beauty.  I don’t know if it is just me, but such a lot of the custom decks recently seem to have featured skulls and apocalyptic type imagery, so the Butterfly Deck represents a welcome change with its art-deco inspired elegance.




Unlike many of these custom decks, even the indices have been re-styled, and there are beautiful court cards and jokers, and a spectacular Ace of Spades.  One of the Jokers has a ‘Queen of Hearts Reveal’ incorporated, and the deck also includes two very useful matching gaffs – a blank faced card and a double backed card.  This seems very sensible for a deck aimed at magicians.

The cards handle beautifully of course with usual USPCC quality.  And they make an appealing display when fanned or spread.

All in all we think these would add a touch of elegance to any routine and provide a welcome alternative to skulls for performance venues where they wouldn’t be appropriate!

They’re generally priced around £6 which is about standard for a custom deck.  Our review copy was kindly supplied by MA Pro Magic who charge a competitive £5.36. (It was also featured in the January offering for our Playing Card Club)

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