Trick of the Month – February 2013

Cello (Red Gimmick) by Mickael Chatelain - trickIf you’re not ‘feeling the love’ in February why not get some new cards or tricks to cheer yourself up? Here are our suggestions this month…

Mickael Chatelain is a clever magical thinker and he looks to have come up with another cracking idea here. Imagine a borrowed coin effortlessly passing through the cellophane on your packet of cards (or cigarettes or chewing gum). That’s the effect with Cello. And apparently everything can be examined (though we’ve not seen it in person yet to confirm or deny that!). £33.99 (also available in blue bicycle gimmick)

Get Small By Cameron Francis - Instant Download
If you can’t wait to receive your magic in the post, this little e-book from Cameron Francis might offer some instant gratification. Get Small includes ten routines that can be done impromptu with any deck of cards. Just the sort of stuff everyone needs in their repertoire for when someone asks “show us a trick…” and you can download it straight away. £9.99

Blue Verve Deck
We have a fondness for some of the decks coming out of the Blue Crown, and there is certainly a touch of elegance to this Blue Verve Deck. Follow the link to check out the extra stylish court cards. A high quality, limited edition deck of cards. Very smart. £7.99

Have a great month…

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