Trick of the Month – March 2013

The Wallet TransformerA new month already? Well it took us by surprise. Here are a few ideas for you…

BBM’s excellent Wallet Transformer seemed to be one of the must have effects at Blackpool. You can read our review here to see how much we liked it. A really practical no-palm approach to signed card to wallet that works with ANY wallet. £19.99

Packs Small Plays Massive Vol. 1 by Jamie Allen and RSVP Magic - DVDThere was quite a buzz about about the new RSVP release Packs Small Plays Massive. We haven’t seen it yet, but the content sounds interesting. As well as some good routines there are lots of tips about how to perform close up style magic on a bigger platform. £26.50 (Volume 2 also available)

These are not brand new, but I’m not sure we’ve ever given them a shout out. And the Bicycle Archangel deck is certainly an elegant member of the theory11 collection. A nice embossed tuck case with gold highlights finishes the look. £5.99

Have a great month…

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