The Card Puzzle (DVD and Cards) by Woody Aragon
Just when you thought there could be no more ‘pick a card any card’ tricks Woody Aragon comes up with a cracker. The effect is simple to describe. From a shuffled deck the spectator picks a card. Then from a freely shuffled set of ‘quartered jumbo cards’ the spectator selects four sections. Needless to say the quarters match each other and the originally selected card.

It’s a nice little effect and is to all intents and purposes self-working. The quartered jumbo cards make unusual props for a spectator and there is so much freedom and fairness to the process that it seems like very strong magic for a spectator.

It sounds like a ‘but’ might be coming, and there is a small one. It requires the spectator to riffle shuffle the quartered jumbo cards. Now I think that is a bit of a challenge – given that quartered jumbos don’t flex as easily as normal playing cards – and I handle playing cards a lot. For a spectator who doesn’t that might be a step too far. I think there are ways around this but I’m not certain they would look so fair.

This is the first DVD I have seen from Luis de Matos’ Essential Magic Collection and I am impressed by the production quality and the clarity of the explanation. You are also supplied with everything you need to perform this straight away. Well worth a look…
Woody Aragon Card Puzzle – £28.99

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