Trick of the Month – August 13

Marked 4 Life by Wayne Dobson - BookIt has been scientifically proved that the best way to get through the summer holidays is to buy some new magic. If you wish to evaluate the principle for yourself, then we humbly suggest our August Trick(s) of the Month…

Marked for Life is the latest offering from the inimitable Wayne Dobson. Wayne has an uncanny knack of simplifying magic to its most elegant level and also has a superb sense of what plays well for an audience. If you’ve had a marked deck for a while and never known what to do with it, you’re bound to find some good ideas and a bit of light holiday reading here! £14.50

g-sharp-3We’ve seen quite a few novel magic ideas with sharpies over the years, but the idea of Steve Fearson’s G-Sharp is new to us – an anti-gravity sharpie! Or more accurately, one which defies the normal rules of gravity. Some neat effects look to be possible with this innocent looking prop. £19.99

Cards Tally Ho Circle Back (Silver)LIMITED EDITION - TrickWhen it comes to playing card, it goes without saying that we normally promote Bicycle Cards, but we’re also quite fond of Tally Hos – and we thought these limited edition Silver backed Tallys might be of interest to our readers. Only 2000 have been printed – so you better get in quick! £8.99

Hope you get some magical holidays…

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