psychic jellyfish trickWell that got your attention didn’t it? We were on the south coast recently and made our usual pilgrimage to Mike Danata’s Magic Studio – that Aladin’s Cave for Conjurors just outside Bournemouth (you can see our write up of a previous visit here).  And we met a psychic jellyfish – about which more later!

Mike is an incredibly helpful and generous guy.  I bought a little something for my nephew – and not satisfied with the quality of ‘handkerchief’ that comes with the effect, he threw in 3 lovely silks instead.  That’s what I call excellent customer service.

He also showed me an interesting new effect utilising a psychic jellyfish!

A card is chosen from a deck of cards (Bicycle Cards – obviously!) and it is located again with the aid of your psychic jellyfish (or possibly octopus).  This little fellow hides in the top of a water bottle – only his eyes are visible – but as soon as the bottle rests on the chosen card our little friend floats down mysteriously into the centre of the bottle.

It’s a really cute little effect – uniquely available at Mike’s place – and comes complete with a deck of Bicycle cards and gimmick, and of course, the psychic jellyfish.  All for only £10.99!  You could easily train the jellyfish to locate other things – letter cards, esp cards, postcards too…  Available direct from Mike – and if you’re in the area – why not pop in for a natter?

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