karnival delirium tuck case front autumnToday we review the brand new Karnival Delirium Cards – and in honour of the autumn we’ve gone a bit arty on our first few pics… (click on any images for larger ones)

There’s a lot to like about these new beauties.  Here are a few of the details for those who like that kind of thing.

The faces and backs have all been completely redesigned.  The back sports karnival delirium tuck case back autumna swirling geometric pattern which is very pleasing on the eye.  It’s a full edge design (no border) and that makes fans and spreads – and especially spins – look particularly cool.

The faces also have gentle swirls and the larger pips add a sort of weighty feel to the deck.

karnival delirium fan


There are far fewer skulls in evidence than we have come to expect on a Karnival deck.  Only a few discreet ones on the Jokers and the Ace of Spades.

The Jokers feature the ‘Plague Doctor’ character – a bird-like chap sporting a top hat.  And we love the chunky pips on the Aces (a bit like on the Discoverie Deck or the Earthtone Deck).

karnival delirium courts and jokerkarnival delirium aces and blank








karnival delirium face down spread-001An extra blank faced card is included – which is always useful.  Interestingly this doesn’t have any of the swirl on the face – so it really does look very blank in comparison.  Also, like the Elite Deck there is a random stranger card from a red-backed Bicycle deck – this time the 4 of spades.

karnival delirium face up spread-001Handling is everything you’d expect from the air flow finish, and since they’re on a limited print run (6000) they’re fairly likely to become collectable.  Sam Hayles/BBM have done it again – and this is almost certainly in our top three Karnival decks of all time.

Available from MoM with thanks to BBM (who kindly supplied the review deck).  Release date 15th November but you can pre-order now.

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