golden bee tuck case frontToday we take a look at the Golden Bees – and if you read to the end you can find a special deal for eager readers!

We haven’t looked at too many Bee decks but these ones just ooze class from the very beginning.  The tuck case itself is printed on really elegant blue card with gold ink – its the tuck case equivalent of high quality cartridge paper – and it is really special.

golden bee tuck case backAn advertising card included suggests these are designed for Chinese playing card enthusiasts – and design elements of a Chinese coin have been included throughout, in addition to the ‘imperial colours’.

The back design is the classic ‘Bee’ lattice – with gold pattern on a dark blue back.

The card stock feels heavier than most Bicycle decks – though they are all produced by the USPCC.  But it is the same kind of air cushion finish so there are no problems with handling.

golden bee spot cardsAs you can see on these spot cards – the ‘hole’ from a Chinese coin makes its appearance in the centre of all the pips – perhaps it will bring you luck!

The same pattern can be seen on the spots on the court cards golden bee court cardsand has been featured in the centre of these cards too.  It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is not unattractive.

If you are a fan of the continuous back designs which are one of the trademarks of Bee cards, you will enjoy the effect of spreads and fans – which are very pleasing to the eye.

golden bee fan detail golden bee back spread

This is a very usable deck of cards and to our mind is full of class.  A great deck to play cards with or to wow your friends with magic.


Special Deal!

We can’t find too many places stocking these at the moment, but JP Playing Cards (who kindly supplied our review copy) have them at the very competitive price of £10.99.  (we’ve seen them for £20.99 at another well known supplier!) And they have arranged a very special deal for our readers.  The first 10 readers who use the code “GOLDEN” will get an extra 5% off!

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