mark mason heartbeat magicWe were looking for some Valentines effects in case any of our readers have special gigs this month.

The first thing we spotted is called HeartBeat by Mark Mason. This has been out for a while but we hadn’t seen it before and it looks to be a lovely ending to your ambitious card routine as the card with the sticker visibly jumps to the top of the deck. The heart-shaped sticker makes this a no-brainer for Valentine’s performances (though you could use any kind of sticker at other times of the year). Only £12.50

For a non-card-based routine Paul Romhany’s beautiful Linking Hearts routine is well worth a look – a close up linking rings routine utilising hearts – which again, could work at any time of year. £26.99

lesmelies deckAs the new year gets underway lots of new decks are arriving. The Les Melies deck is a nice tribute to the film pioneer George Melies and the quirky artwork makes for an attractive deck.

You might also enjoy the stylish Madison Deck which comes in Orange and Teal variations – I would put these on my wall! £4.99

And the gorgeous Red Imperial Playing Cards have just arrived with our friends at MoM – you really must look at the design on these.  £9.99

60 deck acrylic card frameThis is not going to appeal to everyone and is a bit pricey, but we know a number of our readers are collectors of playing cards and this 60 Deck Acrylic Display Box is a beautiful way to do just what it says… £112.50

(And if you want a bargain to fill it with – this week only MagicNevin are offering the lovely Aristocrat 727 Deck at half price – for only £2.49!)

We’re sorry for a reduced number of posts last month – BC Towers was without internet for most of it which has made updates very challenging…

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