Last Prediction ReviewThe idea of the ‘Open Prediction’ (where a prediction is made and placed in full view before the effect even starts) has an old and venerable history. When BBM advertised a self-working version I was immediately intrigued. So here’s our review…

Here’s how it looks: the performer openly writes a prediction on a piece of paper and leaves it in full view. Then the spectator freely shuffles a deck of cards and deals through it one at a time, stopping whenever they want to. The card they stop at is secured under a rubber band whilst the rest of the deck is dealt out to make sure the predicted card is not still in the deck. Very cleanly, the chosen card is turned over to reveal a perfect match.

What do we think?

The advertising blerb is correct – it is simple to do, requires no memory work or forces and resets quickly. From a magician’s point of view the ‘procedure’ for securing the card looks highly suspicious – but to a layperson (and with a bit of presentation) I think this would fly by and the effect would be strong.

The DVD very clearly takes you through the whole process. You are supplied with a special Bicycle gimmick, but the DVD also explains how to make your own if you wanted to use a different deck. I have never come across Kneill X before, but his explanation is clear and since he has clearly been performing this for some time he gives some helpful little tips.

If I had a criticism of the DVD it is that the performance section lacks ‘atmosphere’ – I would have loved to see a real life, real world performance to get a proper reaction.

But that is a small complaint. And there is plenty of other good stuff on the DVD. There are a couple of variations on the presentation – one called ‘Lucky Card’ and a second, which is really a slightly different effect, called ‘Ten Bucks’ where a previously chosen card ends up in an empty card box.

There is also an ‘impromptu’ version – which, if I am honest, I slightly prefer. It is a little more ‘ballsy’ than the original, but leaves you ‘cleaner’ in some ways and just suits my style more. There is also a bonus routine called ‘Popout Triumph’ – which does what it says on the tin – a Triumph routine where the selection pops out of the deck as it rights itself. This is very easy to do and a nice extra item.

The Last Word

Although The Last Prediction isn’t going to change my world, I think at £14.99 you get quite a few ideas for your money. If you don’t yet do an ‘Open Prediction’ then it is well worth a look.

The Last Prediction is aA=vailable from The Merchant of Magic (with thanks to BBM who kindly provided the review copy).

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