Here are some of the latest and greatest new magic items in June…

I’ve long had a fondness for the myriad variations on the plot of Phil Goldstein’s B’wave – and have owned and used many. B’voque – the latest version from the prolific Mark Elsdon ends clean and examinable – relying on clever subtlety rather than gaffs. Worth a look at only £15.99 [UPDATE – full review now available here]

totem deck red and blue

If you’re looking for a classy new deck, look no further than the Totem Deck. Inspired by Chinese mythology and in a super-colletable run of only 2,500 for each edition you’ll want to snap these up! Available in red and blue. £11.50

paul daniels bravura dvdOur next suggestion requires a bit of an investment – but I am convinced it will be worth it as the author knows his stuff inside out. I am one of many who grew up to Paul Daniels as THE TV magician – and on
Bravura he spills the beans on all you need to know about his act. The tips on here are bound to be gold-dust (we’ll try and do a review if time permits) – one for the magician who is serious about improving their act. £119.99

darwin ortiz designing miraclesAnd a final tip – especially for anyone beginning to think about summer reading! This isn’t new, but I have been reading Darwin Ortiz’s wonderful Designing Miracles book recently – and it is full of really helpful ideas which will help you strengthen the impact of your magic. Well worth a read if you haven’t done so. £30.99

That’s all for now. Watch this space for loads more card and close up magic reviews and news…

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