Dream DeckDid you miss these new decks which have all landed in the UK recently?

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the blurring is part of the cool design of the Dream Deck. Comes with a couple of other cards that will be useful for the magician. £9.99.

new-decks-qualitybee Brown
Here’s another collector’s edition deck, this time with 1970s casino styling. Introducing the Quality Brown Bee deck on super high quality stock. £19.99

If you like the casino/gambling feel, these latest Madison Dealers in Red are really nice. Understated (and a nice complement to the Green Version). £7.50

If flourishing and cardistry is more your thing, then you should take a look at the Pro XCM Viper Deck. You can fan it in two directions for different effects and its designed specifically for flourishing. £12.50

As a wine-drinker the name of these cards grabbed me before anything else! But as soon as you see the design of the Zinfandel deck I think you will agree they are worth the price of a decent bottle of wine. Gorgeous backs and striking pips – and I love the look of the court cards.



And finally, if you’re an arty-farty sort of a person, what about these Old Masters – in a collectable limited edition. I think the back design is rather classy, even if you don’t like the paintings! £13.49

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