amazing summer magic giveawayMany of you have now entered our AMAZING SUMMER GIVEAWAY! Good luck! We thought we would clarify the way the prizes would be allocated. The various items have been arranged into 14 distinct prizes in order of value:

  1. Ring Flight Revolution OR Starbucks Chop Cup
  2. An ultra rare Ellusionist Black Ghost Uncut Sheet
  3. Polished aluminium Deck Defenders + Republic Deck #2
  4. (as prize 3)
  5. Drop – a brand new effect from MagicTao
  6. Hospitality
  7. Mentally Exposed
  8. Shock Twist
  9. Pair of Bicycle Civil War Decks
  10. (as prize 9)
  11. (as prize 9)
  12. (as prize 9)
  13. (as prize 9)
  14. (as prize 9)

We will randomly draw the prizes in order.  Please keep your eyes on your FB message or email inboxes after the prize draw has ended!  And don’t forget to keep inviting your friends – the more referrals you make the more entries you get!

You can enter the giveaway here.

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