flight deck new bicycle cardsThese new bicycle cards just keep coming…

First up, a stylish double set with the theme of flight. Not much use for performing (unless you have a themed act based on flight!) but The Flight Deck is a really cool set for collectors. Two decks in a deco-style, leather bound flight case! £43.99

new bicycle illusionist deckAnother deck on the classy side of things is the Illusionist Deck. Inspired by the world of magic and cardistry everything has been re-designed – you must look at the other pictures. Limited edition. £9.49 (also available in a ‘light’ edition)

new bicycle starlight cardsThe Bicycle Starlight Deck doesn’t do it for me particularly – but it would certainly stand out from other decks with a vibrantly coloured back design and dark yet glowing faces. £8.25

new-bicycle-archangel-deckThe Archangel Deck, on the other hand is far more my cup of tea. An understated yet detailed design that oozes class. Nice to see a UK illustrator behind these. Only £5.99.

Anicca_silver_deck_Card_Experiment_playing_cards_largeAnd finally a deck I can’t quite make my mind up about – the Anicca Deck (in silver). I love what they have done with the custom aces and court cards but am not so sure about the back design. But nonetheless another collectable limited edition. £7.99 (Also available in metallic blue)

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