ellusionist marked 1800sPlease forgive us the pun, but there continue to be an embarrassment of new Bicycle cards produced and making their way to the UK and we wanted to highlight a few more – which might make great Christmas presents for you or a card collector or magician you know.

Let’s start with one for the magicians.  I’ve always had a soft spot for the Ellusionist Vintage 1800s – one of the first ‘aged’ decks produced.  They’ve recently printed a new batch which are marked – which obviously makes them a fantastic weapon for the magician.  They look old but handle like new.  What’s not to like?  £6.49

run playing cards heat editionThe Run Playing Cards – which are available in two different colour ways – seem to make a bold statement.  They come with a hardened cover which seems to go around the normal tuck case – which is quite cool.  Both editions are fairly limited (10,000 for the red and 15,000 for the cheaper green deck).  Heat Edition (=Red) is £12.99, Standard Edition (=gamblers green) is £8.99. If you really like them, why not go for the Uncut Sheet?

golden spike deckWe have noticed a real increase in the number of ‘historical themed’ decks produced recently, and the Golden Spike Deck is a nice example of this trend.  Beautifully illustrated court cards in the style of the artwork of the late 1800s. Update – there is also a Limited Edition Gold Edition.

The Rarebit Copper Edition is a really unusual deck of cards – and we just love the glorious tuck case  (see below)!  If you get in quick you might still be able to get the pre-order price on these (£7.99 instead of £8.99) – and if they’re anything like their first edition predecessors – they will sell out quickly and become highly collectable!


And finally, if you’re buying lots of new cards for Christmas, you’re going to need somewhere to put them. 18 deck storage box for playing cardsWe’ve mentioned JP Playing Cards range of storage boxes in the past, but they have recently introduced a new 18-deck box, which is a nice compromise between the previous brick or 36-deck boxes. Available in black or white and highly recommended (we use them ourselves!). The 18-deck box is a very reasonable £6.49.

Enjoy your Christmas cards!

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