We want to resist a whole series of posts on Christmas gifts for the magician – but a couple of really unusual things have caught our eye this week and we wanted to share!

christmas gifts for the magicianThe first are these highly unusual and unique metal and mechanised playing cards.  Yes – you read that right – these have clockwork workings – created by the artist and designer Dale Mathis – you’ve just got to go and look at the video of these.  I would have thought these would be guaranteed collectors’ items and would make a great Christmas gift!

Our friends at PropDog actually have a whole separate collection of gifts for the magician – belts, cufflinks, lighters, you name it they have it. Well worth a look if you’re stuck for ideas.

Kings-wild playing card displayWe’ve talked before about presenting your decks nicely – well here’s a beautiful way of doing just that. Another great Christmas gift for the magician or card collector who has everything! Made from solid lucite, the one picture holds 8 decks – but also available in 6 deck, 5 deck, 4 deck, 3 deck, 2 deck and even 1 deck versions!

flash deck switchAnd finally, I spotted an advert for this brilliant new utility device the other day and just have to draw it to your attention. This is a really clever way of
switching one deck for another – pretty much in plain sight – which does almost all the work for you. This is such a powerful tool we really thought it deserved a mention! I should note this is still pre-release at the time of writing so may not be out in time for Christmas unless you go for the next day delivery option.

This is probably a good point to remind you about Christmas delivery deadlines – Friday 19th is probably the cut off for first class delivery, if you go next day delivery (usually more expensive) you should be ok up to 23rd. As usual, the rule is order early if you want to make sure!

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