aves-bicycle-cards-by-luxAs ever there are a glut of new decks around. I’m going to share some of the best looking ones I’ve spotted.

First up are the Aves Playing Cards. As the name hints (if you have any Latin!) they are inspired by the birds. Isn’t this back design stunning? Beautiful artwork on the faces too (click through for some more pics). Very nice. £10.99

bicycle blackout kingdom deck



The Blackout Kingdom Deck would suit mentalists and bizarre magic performers as well as collectors. The back design features an all-seeing eye, and we rather like the blind court cards. £12.50 (There’s also a very limited edition – 1500 print run – colourful edition – with muted colours to accentuate the design £14.50)

Zen playing cards conjuring arts



In a similar vein – but much more elegant to my mind – are the Zen Playing Cards from Conjuring Arts. It is apparently a re-print of an old and rare design and also has a striking embossed and sideways tuck case. This is a very classy deck for £7.99

artisan playing cards luxury box set




Is this the most expensive deck of cards ever? No – because in fact the price is for 4 decks of the beautiful Artisan playing cards and includes a gorgeous wooden storage box. These really appeal to the aesthete in me. £54.99

Which decks have you spotted and why do you like them?

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