lynx wallet reviewIf you read our recent Trick of the Month you will have seen us mention the Lynx Wallet and I’m pleased to say that we’re been sent a review copy to put through its paces. The basic effect can be summed up simply – a freely (really) thought of card is found to match the card in the envelope which has been shown to be in your wallet from the outset.

I have a real fondness for this kind of effect – as you will gather it falls in the line of effects like Kolossal Killer, Bang On, On the Mark, etc. – and I have used and owned almost all of them at one time or other. The creators of the Lynx Wallet credit Marc Oberon’s Bang On as the inspiration – and it shares the similarity that it really can be any card and it really will be the only card in the envelope. But it is fair to say that in terms of actual mechanics it is closer to Kolossal Killer.

Let’s talk about the wallet

lynx wallet review comparison side by sideI like this very much. It is made of a very nice quality leather which I suspect will age well. It feels like a quality product. Size is everything – or so they say – and in an effect like this size affects both pocket space and the strength of the effect.

The pictures tell the story, but in comparison to my everyday wallet it is about 50% longer but almost identical height – and when the wallet is fully loaded the width is comparable. Have a look at the pictures for more detail – in the side by side images the Lynx Wallet is the one on the right (notice in the bottom one it actually looks thinner than my normal wallet – due to a clever bevel effect – but even on the ‘wider’ end it is no fatter than my normal wallet) and in the other image the Lynx Wallet is the one on the bottom. So I think they have done an excellent job on size.

lynx wallet review comparison stackedI think it is unlikely to become my everyday wallet – but I don’t think that is a deal-breaker for me. Some people have made comments about the size of the credit card slots. They are a fraction larger than they need to be, but my cards seem to be staying in ok at the moment. Some have suggested taping (old) cards in if that is a real concern, but it hasn’t been for us so far.

The instructions

There seems to be a growing trend to provide links to online explanations rather than providing physical media (either DVDs or printed instructions). There are a number of advantages to this – in that presumably they can be updated and added to more easily. We see two live performances – one in a close up setting and one in a stage setting. All the explanations are clear – the only negative is that someone has made an editing mistake which means the ‘What you have received’ section is repeated at the beginning of the ‘Preparation’ section which is a little tedious.

Setting up will take you only 10 minutes – and unlike Bang On doesn’t require any ‘craft skills’!

The routine

There is much I like about the way this has been put together. The advertising speaks about the spectator ‘examining the wallet’ – and that statement is true within certain limits – but the fact that they clearly see one envelope in your wallet at the start of the routine helps to sell the effect massively and I think makes it a stronger effect for that. The wallet can be in full view throughout – even in the spectator’s hands – which is very convincing. The stage routine is an amusing one which has been built into 5 minutes of fun with a strong climax – I could see myself using a variation of this routine in my own stage set.

You will require a little bit of memory work to do this effect – not an impossible amount – but it does require some effort – but the practise to get this smooth is well worth it. It does what it says on the tin, and there are obviously an infinite number of directions you could take this in. They teach an ACAAN variant and a little thought will no doubt give you plenty of other ideas.
In conclusion, this is not a radically new idea or departure, but it does have a number of advantages over similar products on the market and it is very nicely made which means it gets a top recommendation from us.

Available in the UK from £87.50
Review copy kindly supplied by Murphys Magic – to whom all dealer enquiries should be made.

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