mystique by dave loosley magic reviewMystique is a very visual and easy to do colour changing deck routine from Dave Loosley. The spectator choose a card from a red deck – and then in an instant the rest of the deck (and the case if you so desire) changes colour to blue.

This isn’t a new plot, of course, and there have been many variations over the years. What is nice about Mysqtique is that you get some really clean visuals and an instantaneous change. There is an ‘in the hands’ and an ‘on the table’ version – and both are equally strong. If your main working environment is strolling, you’ll be pleased to know the re-set is pretty quick.

What do you get?

You’re supplied with all the necessary gaff cards on bicycle stock to perform the effect – though you’ll need to supply a regular bicycle deck to be ready to go. You also get a DVD with a ‘live’ performance, a ‘studio’ performance and very clear explanation. There is good interaction between Dave and Peter Nardi – and they provide a number of ideas/variations for elements of the routine.

This is not a difficult routine to perform – though minor sleight of hand is required – and the better that is, the better your visuals. Definitely worth putting in a little effort to get the ‘knack’ of the most visual bit of magic in the routine. But if you really can’t manage that, several alternatives are suggested/taught.

The colour-changing card case is a ‘bonus’ item – it’s a bit fiddly to make and is not integral to the whole routine. It does give a logical finish so may be worth the effort, but to be honest, you’ve got such natural misdirection with the change of the cards that you could easily simply swap boxes in your pocket!

Final verdict?

We like this. As with any effect of this kind there is a trade off. So to get the good visuals, you are left with a deck which, frankly, can’t really be used for much else. So it’s a one trick pony – and depending on your context that may be an issue. But it contains all the elements of a strong effect –clear plot + visual wow – and you get a lot of effect for not much effort.

Available from Merchant of Magic £20.50 (at the time of writing)

Review copy kindly supplied by Murphys Magic – to whom all dealer enquiries should be made.

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