danny weiser skyline reviewSkyline is advertised as an “ultra visual torn and restored corner effect.” And certainly if you watch the video demo that is what you see. But I have to say that we were underwhelmed by this effect. We may simply have been looking at a poorly made gimmick, but in practise our card didn’t reliably ‘restore’ but got slightly ‘stuck’ on route.

We can’t just leave it there, so let’s give you a little more detail. Like the last Danny Weiser effect we looked at (his Upgrade Gimmick) this relies on a cleverly made gimmicked card. The difference, here, I think is that there is a lot more heat on the gimmick itself. And based on our experience, it is for that reason we would have less confidence with this routine.

In addition to the gimmick you are supplied with a DVD which teaches a couple of different routines. In reality there’s not that much difference possible – the effect is always the same – the difference is where it takes place. It is a nice idea to do the whole thing in a ziplock bag, or to restore it under your foot, but doesn’t make a huge impact to the overall effect to my mind.

In addition to our gimmick not really working, I have significant doubts about the visuals anyway, since unless the card is in constant motion and at least 3 feet away from the spectator I think the gaff will be visible. And the ‘tear’ for the standard routine looks a little too ‘neat’ to be convincing.  Danny compares it to ‘thumb tip guilt’ – but I think that is unfair since attention is never directed towards the thumb tip whereas the gimmick here is the focal point of the magic.

One bonus

In many ways our favourite part of this release is the bonus ‘no gaff’ routine. It’s not exactly impromptu but for me is much more commercial and workable. You have a card selected – magically ‘tear off’ the corner – which then re-appears in a sealed plaster packet which the spectator has held all the way through. It doesn’t have the same visual wow but is a nice creative idea – which ends up with a memorable giveaway for the spectator.

So we’re struggling to recommend this one. Danny comes across well and the quality of the DVD and teaching is clear, but this would only get a couple of stars at most from us. In order to make this ‘sleight of hand free’ there seems to be a massive pay off in terms of reliance on a gimmick. We’re not against using gimmicks, but this one just doesn’t stand out from the skyline for us.

Available in the UK from MagicShop.co.uk for £26.50 (at the time of writing).
Review copy kindly supplied by Murphys Magic – to whom all dealer enquiries should be made.

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