bicycle 130th anniversary playing cardsIt doesn’t seem like 5 years since we were looking at the Bicycle Cards 125th Anniversary cards – but the 130th Anniversary Deck has now landed and so it must be!

Featuring a really attractive wheel design this looks like a definite for collectors and magicians alike.   Available in blue and red backs.  

Also available is the new Anne Stokes’ Steampunk design for £5.99.

Essence Lux Bicycle Cards


I find it harder to categorise the Essence Lux Bicycle Cards.  I’m a big fan of the solid fills on the faces – and the court cards in particular look fabulous.  But the tuck case is pretty ugly to my mind, and I’m not entirely convinced by the back design.  But I haven’t seen them in person – and sometimes photos fail to tell the whole story.  £11.99

A similarly mixed design is the Ancient Machine deck – now available.  A limited edition of 4000 – each one individually numbered – means they’re probably worth the £9.49 price tag.

VIRTUOSO deckThe even more limited run (1000 decks only) of the Plugged Nickel Deck will appeal to you if you like the wild west, and dead people!  An eye-catching deck to be sure – £13.49.

And if you want to get ahead of the curve, the striking Virtuoso deck isn’t released yet – it is due in a week or so.  It looks like it will be a fabulous flourishing/fanning deck.  £12.49.

What new decks have caught your eye?

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