marc lavelle - the changeling - trick of the monthSince April is the end of the financial year, we thought we’d kick off this month’s selection with a money magic trick! You have probably heard some of the buzz around The Changeling – which is an incredibly visual looking bill switch. Imagine a bank note changing for a different one in the spectator’s hands. Several different routines taught. £26.99

voltige deck trick of the month


These are gorgeous!  I don’t often say that about a deck of cards (and we do see a LOT of cards here) – but I love the lateral (side-opening) tuck case on these and the classic French style design.  I suspect this Voltige deckwill be highly collectable.  £14.99
flash deck switch


We really liked the look of the Flash Deck Switch when it came out a while ago and here they are with version 2.0. As far as I can tell this is basically the same product but made better! So it should last longer and be a bit more resilliant. I have a few issues with putting out a poorly made product in the first place, but this does look like a very clever and indetectable way to do that most useful thing of switching a deck in or out. £27.49

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