false deals project reviewBBM have an enviable reputation for producing killer DVDs of easy and self-working magic. But another, no less significant part of their catalogue, is the excellent and growing collection of training DVDs on particular card techniques. This, their latest one, is all about False Deals. But then you’d probably guessed that from the name, right?

It’s a double DVD set teaching 18 techniques and 24 routines – so we can only scrape the surface in a brief review. But here goes anyway.

George McBride is your teacher, as ever aided by Liam Montier. George is an extremely skilled card handler and has a gorgeous accent! He has thought carefully about his magic and there are lots of pearls of wisdom on the way. But for my money, some of the teaching is not the best.

I need to caveat this carefully, because many of these techniques are quite ‘knacky’ and so difficult to teach. But I can’t help comparing the teaching to that on ‘Shades Bottom Deal’ (which we reviewed a year or so ago) – which was much more analytical and, for me, easier to learn from. Now learning styles are very personal things, but as always we try to tell it how we find it on this site.

The real strength of this set lies in the phenomenal routines which are taught. There are some classics here as well as some newer effects you may not have seen before. There is some VERY strong magic here – and if you needed an incentive to work hard at learning your technique this is it.

I love the variety of effects – you might think that you would end up with a load of ‘dealing’ tricks – but nothing could be further from the truth. The range demonstrates what a truly versatile secret weapon false-dealing can be.

So there’s lots to like here. If I was serious about learning these techniques I would probably invest in the (very modestly priced) Shades DVD too – but this set is worth getting for the routines alone.

Available direct from MoM (with thanks to Big Blind Media who kindly supplied the review copy) for only 24.99 (at time of writing).

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