big four poker reviewThis review of Big Four Poker will probably go down as one of our shortest ever. Because what you see is what you get. You can watch the clip below for a fair and unedited performance of the effect (starts about a minute in).

In summary, the spectator deals 16 cards and mixes them up themselves in a very random way, then deals out four 4-card poker hands and in a surprising and amusing way, the performer always wins.

The hardest thing about this trick is pronouncing the creator’s surname! It is very easy to do and the procedure looks incredibly fair. You’re provided with two laminated cards which are needed in the routine – one is credit card size and will fit in your wallet, the other is A5ish and would suit more parlour or larger group situations. You also get a pocket magnifying glass which might get you another laugh.

Even in the UK Poker seems to be growing in appeal – so there is an instant hook here. The premise is amusing, the spectators are thoroughly involved and the finish is unexpected.

I’m struggling to find any negatives. But if I was being picky I would say that re-set will take you a minute (out of sight) and you really need a table for this effect. But for myself, I see it more as a presentation piece when you’re in more of a parlour setting, rather than a walkaround type effect. So I don’t really see these things as drawbacks.

The explanation is clear and shot nicely as you expect from BBM with a couple of typical bits of randomness from the BBM crew. At only £15.99 (at the time of writing) this is well worth a punt.

Available direct from MoM (with thanks to BBM who kindly supplied the review copy).

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