Cheapest Bicycle Cards

So we all went to know where we can get the cheapest bicycle cards don’t we? Is there a secret? Well, in our considerable experience, not much of one. You will find that most of the magic dealers sell their playing cards for pretty similar prices.  They all buy them at the same price – and they all need to make a profit.  The only significant difference you might find in pricing is when smaller firms aren’t registered for VAT because of their turnover levels.

That being said, sometimes shops do have promotional deals – so it is worth keeping your eyes open.  But in reality the thing that will make the biggest difference if you are only buying one or two decks of cards will be the postage price.  So you want to compare the different postage thresholds on different sites.

cheapest bicycle cards - full brickOne good strategy is just to add a deck or two of bicycle cards when you are ordering another, more expensive item.  Then you will probably avoid postage costs all together.  In fact if you order is under a site’s minimum threshold for free postage, why not buy enough bicycle cards to take the order over!  Much better to have the cards than pay the postage!

Cheapest Bicycle Cards? Buy in bulk…

If you really want to find the cheapest bicycle cards you can then the only way is to buy in bulk.  Some dealers will sell in larger quantities with discounts, but if you’re a member of Costco – then you can pick up bricks (that is 12 decks) of cards there at a fraction of the cost in a magic shop (currently £16.99 for 12 i.e. £1.41/deck – around £1 a deck cheaper than in a specialist shop) .  So if you’re not already a member, find someone who is and ask them to pick some up for you.

It is worth thinking about which cards you use for practise and which to perform with – you may want to pay a little more for a premium finish deck for real world performing – while a cheap Costco deck will be fine for practising with.

We’ll also post some thoughts about breaking in your deck and storing your cards, but that is for another article.  In the meantime, if you think you’ve spotted the cheapest bicycle cards around – if you’ve spotted a bargain somewhere – let us know!

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