This page is here to highlight a book or a trick or a DVD (or possibly all three) which we think is particularly good each month…



Something a bit different this week. I recently acquired Marc Oberon’s ‘Oddball’ and it is a very good bit of magic. A straightforward method (which with a little thought could be extended to different ideas) allowing you to focus on presentation Mental magic is so popular at the moment – this might be a good way to introduce it to your act. £14.99



The team responsible for all the good DVDs coming from David Forrest have produced this DVD all about the Stripper Deck. The ‘Stripper’ is often overlooked as ‘beginners’ magic, but in this DVD, Jon Thompson takes an up to date look at what is possible with this subtlest of tools, and is bound to get you using yours again! (Includes free Bicycle Stripper Deck) £22.99


If you are new to magic and only interested in new ‘secrets’ you may overlook this. But Jay Sankey has more experience than most in the art of performing and creating magic, and here is some of his thinking about the whole nature of magical performance, and most importantly – how to make yours better! £19.99.

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