<A Dream of Aces by Gary Ouellet (BOOK & DVD SET) I recently saw a very nicely done performance of this trick (you can watch the video here) and think it is very effective. David Copperfield has use it on his specials. And the beauty of it all is that it is not very difficult with the gaff cards included. This comes with DVD AND fully illustrated instructions. £21.99
Continuing with the Ace Magic theme, this one from David Regal has a very simple premise. The spectator cuts to the Aces. Easy to do, and a snip at £11.99
Classic Magic-The Larry Jennings To finish off the Aces trilogy here is the Larry Jennings DVD. We’ve mentioned his book before – he is one of the all time masters of card magic – and here you can learn with him on DVD. Includes several Ace routines, the Ambitious Classic, and much more wonderful card magic. £24.99.
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