Some shots of the new Karnival Deck from BBMWell, the sample cards arrived this morning, and the montage above was all I could get done before the call of the bed. First thoughts…

When is a Bicycle Card not a Bicycle Card? There is not a Bicycle in sight on this deck! But of course they are printed by USPCC on classic Bicycle stock, so they handle well and familiarly.

The design is certainly striking. The wife’s verdict is ‘a bit morbid’ so maybe not a design for the ladies. I’m intrigued by the way the design drifts into ‘specks’ and overruns the borders – somehow giving a slightly ‘aged’ feel to the cards.

As the pre-advertising has said, there are some reveals on the cards – see pic for zoom on 3 of Hearts reveal on one of the Jokers. There is also a barcode reveal (seven of spades) on the box. The double-backed gimmick will be useful for many effects, and the advertising card – well, its an advertising card.

If you’ve got to have every new deck, you’ll want one. If you like to perform slightly more unusual (darker?) magic, you’ll probably want one too. Maybe you just want a change. They’re here in time for Haloween (just) which is probably no co-incidence.

And did I mention they’re only available from

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