Whilst I know these aren’t new, I was recently given a pack, which has enabled me to have a closer look at them, and since there haven’t been any new cards out for a while, I thought I would post a pic and some comments!

Tragic Bicycle Cards

As well as having the comical/tragic court cards, all the pips have been treated with extra ‘serifs’ which certainly add some character. The cards also glow under blacklight – so I can imagine a number of niche settins where these could be quite fun! In addition to the normal ‘spooky’ presentations, they could be used to bring a more comic look to some ‘packet’ tricks etc. Although the different back design (grey instead of white borders etc, cherubs in red, and ‘black’ as the remaining colour) would obviously stand out.

But they handle as well as ordinary Bicycle Cards and so are definitely worth a look.

You can buy a pack of Tragic Bicycle Cards here for £3.98.

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