Holy Grail of Mentalism  - INSTANT DOWNLOAD Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN) is a plot I am slightly obsessed with! So I was delighted to discover this new instant download (55page) with a very strong version of this effect and several variations and extras. Well worth a look at £19.99
WoW Wallet The classic Koran prediction is given a different twist by the talented Stephen Tucker. You deal through the cards and stop where the spectator says (no force). A duplicate of their chosen card is in the specially produced leather wallet. Currently on special at only £8.05
White Star - By Jim Critchlow This is as clever (and atmospheric) a version of a ‘living and dead’ test as you’ll ever find. All themed around the Titanic. Comes with nicely produced cards, but the principle can be extended to different themes and presentations. A great effect. £29.99.
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