Nexus - By Martin Adam - INSTANT DOWNLOAD Nexus is an instant download which contains 5 routines. Don’t be put off by the simple presentation of the document – there is some great mental magic here – with cards, poker chips and money. Something for everyone, as they say! £11.99
Bicycle Poker Size Playing Cards -  Yellow Back Since Bicycle Cards are our bread and butter here, I thought I’d flag up these attractive yellow backed Bikes. They’ve been around for a while, but I think they do make an interesting variation. £4.99
Paul Harris - True Astonishments 9 DVD Set I’m obviously a big fan of magic, but as my wife will tell you I’m also a sucker for a nice box! This ‘magnum opus’ from Paul Harris contains a whopping 9 DVDs with the incredible and inventive magic of Paul (and some of his friends). Its all wrapped up in a beautiful wooden ‘puzzle box’ and contains some props and gimmicks to help with some of the tricks. Buy it. Spend the rest of your life learning from it. And enjoy True Astonishment. But hold your breath ‘cos its £239.99
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