Crossroads - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD This is my favourite kind of card effect – with an impossible location of a thought of card. And it can also be presented in the ACAAN format which is a double bonus for me. Available as an instant download or in print, both at £22.50
6 HALLUCINATIONS by ED MARLO - INSTANT DOWNLOAD Here’s another instant download with the serious cardworker in mind. The late, great Ed Marlo provides one gimmicked, and five (yes FIVE!) non-gimmicked handlings for this classic Hallucination plot. Only £6.99
Act Two By Barrie Richardson Regular readers will know I am a big fan of books (one day I may post a listing of my little library up here somewhere) and also of mental magic. I recently purchased this second excellent volume from Barrie Richardson. If you love subtle and entertaining mental magic, look no further. £34.99 (the first volume – Theatre of the Mind is also available for £29.99)
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