Regular readers will know that I am something of a fan of the work of John Bannon – something I first came across in the wonderful book Dear Mister Fantasy. He has a knack for producing clever, subtle and effective card magic.

Well the good folk at BBM are shortly releasing a 2DVD set of his work called Bullets After Dark and have kindly made a review copy available to me. I haven’t had time to view it yet (but soon…) but if you pre-order you get some brilliant extras which I HAVE looked at already.

There is a an e-book called Open and Notorious which is on the theme of the classic Open Prediction. This is fantastic! I love it. There are 3 different versions – they won’t please the purists since they do not fulfill all the original requirements – but to my mind they are still very strong effects, and potentially more entertaining for the spectator than the original premise. Classic Bannon.

You also get a little video preview and explanation of a trick called Chain Gang. This is a sort of 3 card sandwich (collectors) type effect – requiring some facility with cards, but very clean.

I presume that these goodies will only be supplied with pre-orders, so I suggest you go over and pre-order now!

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