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Magicians Ltd Cookbook Now this one ticks a lot of boxes. Firstly, it is full of excellent card magic from some of the world’s best card men. Secondly, the proceeds are going towards a good charity (follow link for details). Thirdly, it is actually on special at the moment so only £16.00.
Hover - By Angelo Carbone Angelo Carbone has been producing clever magic for years. Here’s a nice way to start your Bicycle Card set – by making the deck float above your table! (The gimmick will work with other packs too.) £14.99
OK, so this isn’t card magic, but I love close up magic of all kinds. The ‘Coin Unique’ is one of the most versatile and clever gimmicks in the repertoire, and this is an amazing achievement – a £2coin/50p version. Precision engineering. £45.00/td>
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