David Blaine in conjunction with the USPCC has released a range of ‘popular’ magic which includes a Stripper Deck, a Svengali Deck and a Marked Deck. Whilst some magicians get quite het up about these kinds of products, my observation is that they have little overall effect on the public’s attitude to magic generally.

David Blaine Bicycle Deck

Since David Blaine is such an ambiguous figure – especially in the UK (I think he may be rather more popular in the US) it will be interesting to see how these fare and whether they make it into the high street.

Ironically several ‘proper’ UK magic suppliers are stocking them. And at only £4.99/deck (at the time of writing) they probably come in cheaper than a USPCC factory prepared equivalent. Might make a great Christmas present for a child wanting to get into magic? But we haven’t looked at a deck in person yet so can’t comment on the quality. Do let us know if you see them first.

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